AGAT quality and reliability: the ability to withstand extreme operating conditions.
AGAT suspension and steering components are produced under control and fitted for use in particularly difficult road conditions with a wide range of ambient temperatures.

Attention to detail when manufacturing AGAT suspension parts is paid at the earliest stages of production starting from drawings, selection of OEM materials, and OEM performance of all components.

The ball joint is made of high-strength low alloy steel with the addition of molybdenum which further increases strength, endurance of metal, heat and corrosion resistance. The thickness of the hardened layer in ball joint is 2.5 mm, the hardness is 55-60 HRC. These parameters are significantly higher than those of most competitors. The ball joints undergo high-tech polishing to prevent the appearance of ball joint defects during operation. AGAT boot kits are made of chloroprene. Compared to other materials, chloroprene provides better tightness and protection of the entire unit. It resists oxidation and environmental influence. The boots are highly resistant to tearing and abrasion. Rubber components have successfully passed a full range of tests in the temperature range from -40 to 150 °C which is highly important for subsequent operation at either low or high ambient temperatures.A high-quality Klueber grease is used in AGAT suspension joints to increase their service life and eliminate rust and corrosion. It is resistant to oxidation and chemical exposure and provides the best protection for the parts. The grease is designed to work at temperatures from -40 to 130 ℃.The stable production quality is ensured by a modern production cycle with the use of robotic high-precision welding.

All components have been thoroughly tested for mechanical strength, durability (capable of withstanding more than 1 million operating cycles), chemical and thermal resistance.

AGAT suspension and steering parts: reliability, long service life, and extended warranty.