Shock Absorbers

AGAT shock absorbers are designed for use in difficult road and weather conditions.
Even in the harshest operating conditions, AGAT shock absorbers ensure vehicle stability, safety and driving comfort, increase maneuverability and prevent wear of other suspension components. A number of technical solutions have been implemented for this purpose:

  • AGAT shock absorber rods are made of high-strength steel. The rods are subjected to hard wear-resistant chrome plating with thermal exposure to reduce hydrogen fragility to ensure the strength of the part and ease of sliding.
  • The case is made using seamless technology to avoid leakage and extend service life. A special case coating protects the unit from aggressive environmental influence.
  • The system of self-regulating valves provides the best performance regardless of road conditions.
  • The high-quality NOK multi-lip oil seal protects the shock absorber’s working chamber from dust and dirt.
  • High-tech innovative oil with anti-foaming additives reduces wear of the internal components of the shock absorber. Thanks to the excellent oil viscosity, the piston stroke is stable in the temperature range from -45 to 100 °C, i.e. under virtually all possible weather conditions.
  • Finished products are thoroughly tested for strength and durability (they can withstand up to 4 million working cycles).

Excellent performance of AGAT shock absorbers is ensured by careful selection of components and the use of the most up-to-date production technologies.