The reliability and strength of the AGAT CV joints have been confirmed by numerous tests. The CV joints were designed to exceed the requirements of car manufacturers to guarantee the best performance in difficult road conditions with large temperature differences.

High-strength low alloy steel is used to produce AGAT CV joints, a material that provides extreme durability of friction parts. To improve the strength we use an extended heat treatment cycle which includes long-term carbon saturation of the part surface at high temperature as well as bulk oil hardening with tempering for hardness. These measures significantly increase the service life of the part and its resistance to shock loads.A special lubricant with molybdenum disulfide additive guarantees the best adhesion properties: the lubricant forms a film on the metal surface protecting the entire part from corrosion and providing good extreme pressure and anti-wear characteristics as well as preventing vibration and noise in difficult working conditions. The lubricant is capable of withstanding extreme temperature ranges.AGAT boot kits are made of chloroprene. Compared to other commonly used materials, chloroprene provides better tightness and protection of the lubricant. It protects well the unit from environmental influence and oxidation. AGAT boot kits have high chemical strength and are resistant to mechanical stress and wear.

The components have successfully passed a full range of tests in operating temperatures ranging from -40 to 150 °C.